The best way to purchase a diamond: Carat

With the assistance of Graff Diamonds, our newest video collection with Maria Doulton tells you all you want to learn about how you can purchase a diamond utilizing the 4Cs of color, readability, carat and lower.

Carat determines the scale of a diamond. Diamonds are at all times measured by weight, with one carat the equal of 1/fifth of a gram or 200 milligrams.

The phrase is derived from “carab” as earlier than fashionable exact weighing strategies got here into use the naturally reliably common weight of carab seeds had been used as a measure. Do you know, for instance, that some cuts look greater than others, even when the diamond is of an identical weight? A spherical brilliant-cut diamond will at all times look greater than an emerald lower as a result of many of the weight of the diamond is unfold throughout its extensive high aircraft. Ideally, should you can afford it, for a single stone or solitaire ring, attempt to go for at the very least a 1.00 carat diamond.

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